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The Tipperary Remembrance Trust has listed here organisations and resources that contribute to recording the lives of those men and women who lived and during the wars; honor the sacrifices of those killed or missing in combat; and to tell of the experiences and support those veterans who survived.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

This site traces and commemorates those killed while serving with British and Empire/Commonwealth forces during World Wars I and II.This includes those who have no known grave. War Dead search is by surname, date, war, rank, regiment, awards. You can also search according to country (country of commemoration not country of origin) To visit the site click here

Irish War Memorials

An ongoing project, developed by historian Michael Pegum, to list all war memorials in Ireland. It features photographs, locations and transcripts of memorial inscriptions. The online database allows searches by county, war, names or regiment. To visit the site click here

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF)

This site displays names and artifacts from the Vietnam War Memorial (The Wall). To visit the site click here

The Irish Association of Korea

The Irish Association of Korea (IAK) is a non-profit voluntary organisation that promotes Irish culture in Korea. In 2013 it established The War Memorial of the Irish Dead of the Korean War. To visit the site’s memorial page click here

Irish Peace and Reconciliation Groups

The Irish Lebanese Cultural Foundation

Organisation devoted to cross-cultural Irish Lebanese activities. Includes remembrances for Irish peacekeepers in Lebanon. To visit the site click here

The Tipperary Peace Convention

The Tipperary Peace Convention was set up in 1984 to counter the association between Tipperary and war, typified by the war song “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary. It presents the Tipperary International Peace Award each year. To see the Convention’s mission statement and winners of the Award up to 2012 click here. For more up to date information including the latest award winner visit the facebook page. click here

Irish Exservicemen’s Associations

British Legion, Republic of Ireland

This section of the Royal British Legion websites details welfare services and the membership and fundraising activities of the Legion’s branches throughout the Republic of Ireland. It provides the locations of each local branch.To visit the site click here

The Irish United Nations Veterans Association (IUNVA)

The IUNVA provides advice and counselling services for UN veterans and their families. The Association site also provides details of the Irish Defence Force role in UN missions, including a full Roll of Honour. To visit the site click here.

The Organisation for National Ex-Servicemen and Women (ONET) is the official representative body for ex-service personnel by the Department of Defence and the Military Authorities. It provides for the welfare of ex-servicemen and women by way of providing accommodation to homeless, elderly or disabled members in need of such domestic accommodation and shelter. It is open to ex-members of the Permanent Defence Force, the Reserve Defence Force, Irish Red Cross, Civil Defence or Garda Siochana. To visit the site click here.

American Legion – Ireland

A branch of the American Legion. It includes details of welfare and rehabilitation services.To visit
the site click here.

American Legion Auxiliary

This organisation provides details of funding and welfare for female auxiliary members of the American Legion. To visit the site    click here

Department of Veterans Affairs

Australian government website providing a wide range of links to commemorations, memorials and war graves, and guides to welfare provisions for Australian war veterans. To visit the site click here

Irish Military Regimental Associations

South Irish Horse

This site documents and lists names of those members of the regiment who died and survived the Great War and provides links to the regiment’s war diaries. The society also undertakes research projects on request for a fee. To visit the site click here

North Irish Horse Regimental Association

Details include regimental history and the Roll of Honour plus links to the regiments war diaries and the websites of sister regiments. To visit the site click here.

Combined Irish Regiments Association

This regimental association records and honours the names and deeds of all Irish Regiments, focusing on World War One. Features include summaries of histories of all Irish Regiments. To visit the site click here

The Long Long Trail

Website about the British Army 1914-18. It includes a history of the 16th Irish Division which was stationed at Tipperary Military Barracks during WW1. To visit the site click here.

Irish Military History

Tipperary Military Barracks 1874-1922

Facebook page dedicated to chronicling the history of Tipperary Military Barracks, Tipperary Town.To visit the page click here

Irish in the American Civil War

A blog run by archeologist and historian Damien Shiels documenting Irish involvement in the American civil War. The site features over 400 articles based on Shiels’ own research plus guest contributions from civil war historian and researchers, Sources include government and military records, personal correspondence and contemporary newspaper articles. It contains an extensive resources list and links to blogs on the American Civil War. To visit the site, click here
Ireland’s Unknown Soldiers: The 16th (Irish) Division in the Great War
Terence Denman Irish Academic Press 2014.
Originally published in 1992, this is acknowledged as the definitive history of the 16th (Irish) Division in the First World War. Includes new foreword by Keith Jeffrey. For more details click here.

Vietnam: The Irish Experience

James Durney 2008.
The first book to assess the role of the Irish in the Vietnam War. Features first-hand testimonies from Irish Vietnam veterans of the American and Australian armies.
Irish casualties in the Korean War 1950-53
James Durney
It consists of interviews, archives and newspaper reports. The biographical details of 117 fatalities and 92 POWs are also recorded.

For details on these and other books by James Durney visit jamesdurney,com

Military Heritage of Ireland Trust

The Trust promotes public knowledge and understanding of Irish Military Heritage. It provides a guide on how to research Irish military history and information on military. The site also provides a detailed link page to other sites concerned with Irish military heritage.  To visit the site click here

Tipperary Libraries Local Studies and Archives

Located in Thurles, County Tipperary, Tipperary Studies is a reference library and research centre. It provides free access to materials on all aspects of County Tipperary. Tipperary Libraries is also home to the County Tipperary Historical Society. Useful for details of publications and lectures. To visit the site click here

Military History Society of Ireland

This association specialises in the history of warfare in Ireland and of Irishmen in war. It publishes a journal for fee paying members and organises tours and lectures. The site also provides a detailed link page. To visit the site click here

The Irish Great War Society

A ‘living history’ group staging reenactments of events and battles from the World War 1. It also provides technical advice and extras for stage/TV. The website includes detailed descriptions of armed service uniforms and ranks and a guide to sources for researching World War 1 ancestors. To visit the site click here

Stories of Irish soldiers in war

From Ireland to Vietnam: Remembering an Irish Vietnam Veteran

Website dedicated to Captain Edmund J Landers killed in Vietnam in 1968. Contains full military profile, roll of honour and pictures of memorials in Ireland and US. To visit the site click here

Remembering an Irish Vietnam Veteran: Rifleman George Nagle

This website is dedicated to George Nagle of Clonmel Tipperary killed in January 1969
Includes military profile, photos and links to books on Irish involvement in Vietnam. To visit the site click here

A Reluctant Hero: Martin O Meara

This site is dedicated to Martin O Meara VC, a Tipperary-born man celebrated in Australia for his gallantry during World War 1, and who suffered throughout his life from the effects of shell shock It includes photos of O Meara and his war comrades at home,work and in war as well as a full biography. To visit the site click here

It’s a Long Way to Tipperary: An Irish Story of the Great War

A website project, based in the University of Limerick, documenting the lives of the Armstrong family from Moyaliffe Castle, Co. Tipperary during the First World War It includes a huge range of diaries correspondences ands memorabilia from the Armstrong Papers donated to the University of Limerick in well as a detailed links and resources page.To visit the site click here

The Fr. Francis A. Gleeson Papers

Part of the website of University College Dublin, this is a collection of papers belonging to Fr. Francis A. Gleeson, born in Tipperary, relating to his time as Catholic Military Chaplain to the 2nd Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers during World War I. The papers include diaries detailing life at the front and religious activities, Brigade Rolls listing mainly Roman Catholic soldiers, and correspondence from the families of men missing or killed in action. To view the papers click here

The Diary of Mary Martin

An online chronicle of Mary Martin a Dublin widow and mother of 12 children, who kept a diary of her daily activities for  her son Charlie who was missing in action in the First World War. To see the diary click here


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